Axpert-Eazy+ Series VFD

“World’s Most Advanced VFD with User Friendly Design”

Axpert-Eazy+ Series is not just a Drive, But the outcome of Amtech's three decades of experience in motion control and automation.

The Low loss, High efficiency Industrial Grade New Series is designed to meet the ever increasing expectations of our customers; deliver highest performance, protection and energy saving without compromising the user friendliness.

It comes with fully configurable I/O and Functional Safety Functions. Experience the easiness of control and powerful performance.


1 HP (0.75 kW) to 2815 HP (2100 kW)


380 to 480 V, 500 to 600 V, 601 to 690 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • Highly efficient 7th Generation IGBT
  • New Generation high ripple current long life capacitors
  • Real safety function STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • Fully configurable digital and analog I/Os
  • Standard Wi-Fi and RS 485 Modbus communication
  • Graphical Digital Operation Panel with Real Time Clock
  • Two graph screens with selectable graph signal and resolution

Easy to Monitor:

  • 128 x 64 Graphical LCD Display with white back light LCD
  • 8-key Keypad with Real Time Clock
  • Self-explanatory full parameter name in English
  • Auto Rotation of Norm Screens with settable time

Easy to Diagnose:

  • Diagnosis Functions help to pin point the fault
  • Fault history, last 20 faults with time stamp and 8 important operational parameters
  • Load Analyzer1 shows user selected parameter Vs time profile in 10% steps, useful for fault analysis
  • Load Analyzer2 shows load current Vs time profile for entire service life in 10% step
  • Peak Load monitoring with time stamp and other parameters

Easy to Program:

  • Shorter programming time, Application Macros set the required parameters as per the application and rating
  • Functional Macros set the required parameters and I/O as per the function usage
  • Identify the changed parameters at a glance with Default differ function and change the parameter from the same menu

Easy to Control:

  • In-built PLC with Functional Block Based Programming Range of Fully Configurable I/O
  • 2 fixed digital inputs dedicated for Safe Torque Off (STO) function, the digital output can be programmed for the STO feedback
  • 32 Configurable Serial Parameters helps to read 24 and to write 8 parameters in a one go
  • PID, Multi-pump, Ring Spinning Frame, Pattern Run software functions

Easy to Install & Commission:

  • The new series VFD is downsized considerably, up to 52% smaller in volume compare to the previous series and requires less space to install
  • Well-defined terminations for power and control circuit. All the power terminals are on either left side or bottom side
  • Commissioning Mode for easy commissioning
  • Debug Mode for the logic verification without actually rotating the motor

Easy to Economize:

  • IE2 Compliant VFD
  • Built-in PID, PLC & application specific software reduces the peripherals’ cost
  • Built-in Energy Saving Calculator and High-Efficiency operation mode
  • Multi-pump control function
  • Auxiliary Drive control function

Easy to Maintain:

  • The cooling fan, one of the common service parts can be easily removed for replacement
  • Total Conductive Time and Total Run Time provides the information about the drive and machine usage for the monitoring of serviceable parts
  • Predictive maintenance helps reduce process down time

Easy to Protect:

  • High Speed Digital Signal Controller protects the drive against abnormal conditions.
  • User settable overload function protects the load against overload conditions.
  • Soft stall current limit reduces the output frequency if the output current exceeds the set level.
  • Input and Output Phase Loss detection prevents overload on other phases.

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