Axpert-Opti torque

“The High Performance Electronic Digital Soft starter”

"Axpert Opti-torque" Electronic Soft Starter is a modern Digital Signal Processor based highly functional Soft Starter that is easy to use. Six thyristors are used in back to back connection. The control board uses 32-bit High-Performance Digital Signal Processor and generates the necessary gate pulses for Soft Starter operation. It accepts various inputs from different circuits and Digital Operation Panel (LCD Keypad Module) to generate the necessary control and gate signals. The unit is equipped with Digital Operation Panel (LCD Keypad Module) for the user interface. It has 32-bit ARM controller. All parameters of Soft Starter can be accessed from Digital Operation Panel. The Digital Operation Panel consists of LCD display Board and 8-key keypad.


40 HP (30 kW) to 1200 HP (900 kW)


380 to 480 V, 500 to 600 V, 601 to 690 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz


  • Three Start Modes: Voltage , Current and Torque
  • Four Stop Modes: Voltage , Torque , Brake  and coast-to-stop
  • Three Control Modes: Keypad, Terminal and Serial
  • Inbuilt Display for kW, kVAR, V, I, Power Factor, KWh, MWh etc...
  • Configurable for Inline/Bypass (3 wire) & In side Delta (6wire)
  • Built-in PID
  • Kick Start / Jog Function
  • Dual Ramp Function in voltage ramp mode
  • 8 selectable parameter monitoring on single screen
  • Auto Restart
  • Complete Motor Protection
  • Fault History: Last 10 Faults are stored in non-volatile memory with information of 4 important operational parameters
  • 80-Character, 4-Line LCD with Back Light and 8-key Keypad for easy parameter monitoring and navigation
  • Self-explanatory full parameter name displayed in English on Digital Operation Panel for easy programming
  • Easy parameter navigation through well defined MODE, NORM, GROUP, UP and DOWN Keys
  • 3-Status indicating LEDs for RUN, STOP and FAULT condition
  • RS-485 Modbus communication as standard
  • PC Interface Software
  • Motor Current monitoring of all the three phases
  • 8 Programmable Digital Inputs with selectable SINK & SOURCE logic
  • 4 Programmable Digital outputs (Open Collector Type)
  • 3 Programmable Digital outputs (Potential Free Contact)
  • 4 Programmable Analog Inputs (two 0-10V and two 4-20mA)
  • 4 Programmable Analog Outputs (two 0-10V and two 4-20mA)
  • Full complement of Analog & Digital Inputs & Outputs.


  • Over Current Fault
  • Over Frequency Fault
  • Over Load Fault
  • Under Frequency Fault
  • True Ground Fault
  • Emergency Stop
  • Under Current Fault
  • Main Contactor Fault
  • Phase Loss Fault
  • Bypass Contactor Fault
  • Over Voltage Fault
  • Reverse Contactor Fault
  • Temperature Fault
  • Communication Loss
  • Phase direction Fault
  • External Fault
  • I-Unbalance Fault
  • EEPROM Fault
  • Firing Fault


  • Over Head Cranes / Hoists
  • Centrifuge / Fans / Pumps
  • Compressors / chillers
  • Escalators / conveyors
  • Mixture / Fermentor / Sturrer
  • Ball Mills.
  • Grinders and wood Chippers
  • Stone Crushers
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Pulper Machine
  • Rock Crushers

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