Axpert- CSS Alpha

This is the highest value product for applications where "across-the-line" starting capabilities are not required.

An AC-1 "Run-Rated" Bypass contactor is provided standard. Once the softstarter gets the motor “up-to-speed”, the motor is switched over to the bypass contactor and runs “across-the-line.”

The soft starter still monitors full operation of the AC motor and provides complete diagnostic protection.


  • 50 HP (37 kW) ~ 900 HP (630 kW)
  • 400V System (380 ~ 480V), 3-Phase  


  • AXPERT-Opti Torque Soft Starter Module
  • 32-Character, 2-Line LCD Display with Backlit and 8-key Keypad
  • Keypad on Door with NEMA 4 Protective Cover (Optional)
  • Standard NEMA - 4/12 Enclosures, NEMA - 3R on request
  • Through Door Circuit Breaker with Shunt Trip
  • AC-1 “Run-Rated” Bypass Contactor
  • Electronic Motor over Overload & Over Current Protection
  • Energy Meter Standard in both kWH & MWH
  • Inline/Bypass/Inside Delta operating modes
  • Kick Voltage Start/Jog Function
  • RS-485 Modbus Communication
  • Control Transformer with Primary & Secondary Fuses
  • Customer Terminal Strip inside Enclosure for Remote Start/Stop Connection
  • Programmable Run & Fault Relays
  • H-O-A Selector Switch, Pilot Lights & Pushbuttons
  • Full Complement of Analog & Digital Inputs & Outputs
  • Stores last 10 Diagnostic Faults with record of 4 key operational values at the time of fault
  • Global Design

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