Motor Control Solutions

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At Amtech, we have designed and manufactured most effective Motor Control solutions for an array of industries around the world.

We have served a prestigious clientele from diverse sectors like water & wastewater, oil & gas, cement & aggregate, Irrigation, pulp & paper, plastic, power generation, chemical & fertilizer, food & beverages, metal and pharmaceuticals.

Our Motor Control solutions include Variable Frequency Drives, Electronics Soft Starters, Medium Voltage Drives, MCC/PCC panels, and customized Engineered Systems. They are well designed and widely used for today's demanding applications requiring high precision, high performance and high throughput. The various applications catered are fan, pump, compressor, crusher, mixer, conveyor, crain & hoist, press, dryer, winder etc...

We offer full range of services tailored to our customer’s specific needs.

With Amtech solutions,


Drive & Soft Starter Solutions for every Industry