Resistor Less VFD Pumpjack Package

Amtech offers solutions in all the processes of Upstream and Midstream in Oil & Gas Industry. Our Solutions can enhance operational safety, efficiency, productivity, energy conservation and sustainability. Resistor Less VFD Pumpjack Package is designed to meet the challenging requirements of Oil & Gas Industry.


  • 1HP to 150 HP
  • 400V System (380 ~ 480V), 3-Phase


  • Pre-configured parameters for Pumpjack / Sucker Rod / Artificial Lift applications
  • Compatible with all Pump Off Controller (POC)
  • NEMA 3R outdoor rated VFD package
  • Sustain 122 °F (50 °C) heat
  • User friendly package
  • Lightning protected
  • Protection from line power spikes
  • Compatible with single phase supply
  • Factory-tested integration
  • 24/7 phone technical support

Benefits of Amtech VFD Package:

  • Better dynamic response to control pump in motoring & regenerating mode
  • Full motor protection, control & monitoring
  • Minimize maintenance, extend pump life
  • Reduce inrush current, peak power demand and wear & tear
  • Reduce downtime and operating cost
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve speed control and process optimization
  • Energy saving due to resistors less technology
  • Enhance operating flexibility
  • User friendly system
  • Increase safety with Remote access / communication

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