Axpert-VT240S Series VFD

“The World's Most Advanced Universal AC Drive”


0.5 HP (0.37 kW) to 60 HP (45 kW)


200 to 230 V, 380 to 480 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz

Special Functions All in One Drive

Multi-mode Control:

  • V/F control for constant torque load (Heavy Duty)
  • V/F control for variable torque load (Heavy Duty)
  • Sensor-less Vector control
  • Close-loop Vector control
  • Sensor-less PM Drive for Energy Savings
  • Closed-Loop PM motor control


  • Built-in DB chopper up to 30 HP (22 kW)
  • Soft sound technology for silent operation
  • Application specific function for Elevator, crane, RSF, winder, Traverse etc.
  • User configurable built-in PLC
  • Multi-pump control with Pump Rotation function
  • Tension control function
  • Networking through RS 485, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen & CC Link
  • Stationary Auto-tuning & torque control in vector control and PM Control modes
  • Built-in PID, Travers Pattern, Ratio Interlock, External Brake Control.
  • Ambient temperature up to 122 °F (50 °C) without derating
  • Parameter masking, password protection and copy-paste Function
  • High efficiency and trip less operation
  • Auxiliary drive control for up to 4 or 2 motors
  • Safe Torque OFF (STO) function
  • Multi-language LCD monitor as option
  • Manufactured from dioxin-free plastic (indicated for recycling).

Global conformity:

  • CE compliant (EN61800-3, EN50178)
  • UL approval (UL508C: 1998) H series only
  • CSA C22.2 No.14-M91
  • EMC compliant (requires optional filter)
  • Harmonics compliant (requires optional kit)

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