Axpert-Opti torque Bypass Series

“The High Performance Electronic Digital Soft starter”

The high inrush current and mechanical jerks are the two main problems   associated with the Induction Motor since the invention. The different reduced voltage starting methods like start/delta, Auto transformer and switched rotor resistance were used but never solved the issues satisfactorily. Amtech is providing the solid state soft starters since 2001, the answer to the inrush currents and associated mechanical jerks.

The Axpert-Opti torque series are the high performance electronic soft starters with modern digital signal processor based highly functional and intelligent which are easy to use and offer wide range of protections. The Axpert-Opti torque-eB (external bypass) series is the new addition to the Electronics Soft starter family with new functionality and increased reliability for motor starting applications.


  • 28 to 1065 A
  • 7.5 to 1340 HP (5.5 to 1000 kW)
  • 208 to 690 V


  • Energy efficient design - Cooling from control as per heat-sink temperature. This will increase fan life and also reduce the power consumption
  • Conformal coated circuit boards (PCB) as standard
  • Provision for in-built motor PTC for motor over temperature protection
  • Internal Bypass up to 360 A
  • Energy Meter Standard, displayed in both kWH & MWH
  • Wide range class 2 to 30 electronic overload
  • Kick Voltage Start / Jog Function
  • Fully Configurable Analog and Digital Inputs / Outputs
  • 32-Character, 2-Line LCD Display with Backlit and 8-key Keypad
  • In-line (3 - wire) / Inside Delta (6 - wire) operating modes


  • Reduces starting power surge
  • Limits disruption of power system
  • Eliminates mechanical starting shock
  • Extends motor life
  • Allows for more start/stop per hour
  • Replaces elector-mechanical starters
  • No moving parts that requires maintenance
  • Eliminates need for special dual wound motors


  • Three phase current
  • Three phase voltage
  • Line frequency
  • Power factor
  • Conduction time & run time
  • Fault History

Digital input / output:

  • Top of ramp
  • Fault alarm
  • I-limit alarm
  • Terminal
  • High current alarm
  • Low current alarm
  • Reverse contactor
  • Temperature alarm

Analog output:

  • Heat skin temperature
  • Power factor
  • Motor torque
  • Reactive power
  • Active power


  • Conveyers
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Wire Drawers
  • Rolling mills
  • Air handling units
  • Textile equipments
  • Machine tools

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