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Pulp & Paper

"Ever wondered who crafts winning strategies for the most ambitious Paper Companies?"

Amtech is providing total solutions in pulp and paper industry since 2001, which includes green field turnkey solutions for sectional paper machine, retrofitting of paper machine, rewinder, boiler and many more.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio to optimize and improve operational efficiency of entire paper making process. Our turnkey solutions start from power distribution, power quality improvement, advance control and monitoring of process. Our NextGen solutions together with our after sale support helped our customers to bring the productivity and quality to the next level.


Why Amtech?

  • Domain knowledge and experienced professionals
  • Highly reliable components and design
  • Our technical expertise, improve your process in terms of Runnability, Efficiency & Quality
  • Flexible solution gives easy upgradation & expansion
  • Open architecture design allows our drive to blend into your existing control strategy
  • Reduces troubleshooting time
  • Minimizes required system spares
  • Cost effective 24/7 after sales and service support

Amtech Services:

  • NextGen Turnkey Pulp and Paper plant Automation
  • Sectional paper machine Automation with VFD
  • Headbox Automation
  • Steam and Condensate system Automation
  • Pulp mill process control with VFD
  • Boiler Automation, Energy Management system
  • Integration of third party drives with Amtech control system
  • Efficient Control system for complex operations like Multi wire control, Silent drive control, load sharing, tension control, Master/follower operation, Close loop control etc


  • Pulper
  • Turbo
  • Refiner
  • Fan
  • Pressure Screen
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Wire Part
  • Press
  • Dryer
  • MG/Calender
  • Pop Reel
  • Winder & Rewinder
  • Boiler Automation
  • Pulp Mill

Paper Machine
Paper Machine
Pop Reel
Control Desk

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