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Any product operating in the business of agriculture must be designed to meet the requirements of the local power companies and Mother Nature herself.

AMTECH meets those challenges everyday. We offers VFD packages which comply with the IEEE 519 standard and have the capacity to convert single phase to three phases, in those remote areas where single phase is all that is available.

Our products protect, your pumping systems, reduce operating costs, provide flexibility improves system performance and provides measurable results all for your peace of mind.

AMTECH is aware that irrigation systems operate under demanding conditions. Our VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) & Soft starter packages are designed to provide long lasting, rugged performance.

We offer an outdoor NEMA / UL Type 3R rated enclosure. This enclosure eliminates the need for solar shielding or de-rating. It includes a thermostatically controlled heater to limit condensation. AMTECH's design provides rugged reliability that is locally backed with 24/7 support.


Our VFD, Soft Starter & Engineered Solutions:-

  • Range: 1 HP ~ 200 HP (200 V, 400 V)
  • Protection: Nema-1,12, 3R, 4 & 4X


  • Well Pump
  • Booster Pump
  • Pivot System

Pivot System
Soft Starter System - Booster Pump
VFD System-Centrifugal Pump
VFD System-Well Pump

Drive & Soft Starter Solutions for every Industry